Ten years, twenty years, has it really been that long?!

So, its time for your class reunion.

  • Want to hear music from back in your high school days?
  • VCI Audio Entertainment has your music!
  • Ever notice how hearing a song jogs your memory? Remember what you were doing when you first heard that song?

We can help bring back those memories!

If it’s a family reunion, then you’ll have all different generations there and will want music everyone can enjoy – and we have that music.

VCI Audio Entertainment has the music for your reunion.

Imagine the emotions that will run when Grandma and Grandpa dance to a golden oldie, Aunt and Uncle share a Country Swing Dance, the teenagers rock, and everyone is doing the Locomotion!

We play a mixture of music and place Request Cards on the tables to invite your guests to request their favorites.

Not all DJs are created equal!

Let VCI Audio Entertainment put your mind at ease. Our DJs are professionals with years of experience. We are interactive and know how to get the party going! We truly enjoy being DJs, and at the risk of being immodest, we’re darn good at it too!
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