When you’ve been in business for over 10 years, you develop a reputation.

VCI Audio Entertainment has thousands of happy customers! Many of our clients are repeat clients – Like Melissa Gentry – we DJ’d her high school graduation party, her wedding, her college graduation party, her mom’s birthday party…

We have also developed a reputation among other event professionals. Just ask around. Refer to our links page to see some of the other professionals we work with every week.

Our billboard is lined with Thank You notes and letters of recommendations…

Here are some recent notable letters of thanks and praise!

Dear Vince,
Thank you for helping to make the Martinez-Cooper wedding a success! You have a great personality for your line of work & made the evening so much fun for the bride & groom and their guests. – Tammy Jenkins Reminisce Wedding and Event Planning, LLC

I know I told you the other night, but I am going to tell you again. You guys are great to work with. Kallie wanted me to tell you that she was very pleased with your job this weekend.
Thanks so much for being who you are and helping me make the weddings that we do a great success.
Hope to see you soon and can’t wait to work with you again this summer. – Yours truly, Amy Dague

I love it. I cannot thank you enough…
Thanks again, – Kristy

I loved everything you did at the wedding, and would recommend you to anyone.
Thanks again, – Mandy

… Again, I do appreciate your availability on such short notice and your willingness to work me. I understand there wasn’t much time to get things situated.
Eric did a great job accommodating me and doing his best to work with what I gave him. I just brought what I could praying we could find a way to make it work and Eric did. That I am very grateful for! He went above and beyond trying to find what was necessary to make the music that was recorded on a video camera work.
Eric did a wonderful job adjusting, accommodating and making things run as smooth as he possibly could. I enjoyed working with him and felt he did an outstanding job.
Honestly, after all was said and done the reception did turn out wonderful and an occasion that I will cherish forever. I hope … we will have a chance to work together again in the future. – Mashaide

THANK YOU SO MUCH. I have already been told numerous times, what an awesome party it was and how great the food, music and dancing was. You were awesome! Anyone who is looking for a DJ, I am sending them straight to you! Seriously, I would not have changed anything about the music, every song just kept getting better and better. Thank you so much for our first dance mix too. Everyone loved it and it came out absolutely perfect. We may need to add it to youtube 🙂
So to sum it up, THANK YOU, you ROCK!

P.S. Check out this Video!

Jenny and Reid

Dear Vince:
Thank you very much for providing the DJ services at my daughter and son-in law’s wedding. We were very pleased with the music you played (and the volume!) and the way you facilitated of the events during the ceremony and reception. We heard many wonderful comments about the music from our guests and everyone seemed to have a terrific time.
Thank you again. – Nancy